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  • Starting the journey ₺1.99
  • ₺0.79 per minute

Why Micromobility?

About 40% of all car trips around the world are for distances of less than 5 km. On average, only 2% of the fuel spent on car journeys is used to transport passengers. However, the scooters are both eco-friendly and fun!


A Safe Journey

For the safety of your journey, we recommend that you follow local traffic regulations and wear helmets.

In-Application Instructions

As a community, making MARTI fun and convenient for everyone is our top priority. You can support us by following the riding instructions in the application.


Take action: Push the MARTI twice with your foot and use the right button to accelerate.

Brake: You can slow down using the button on the left.


In order to finish your journey, you must park the MARTI correctly. Otherwise, you could face a financial penalty.


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